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V.I.P Wedding Photography Style

Hi I'm Kat- I'm your photographer. What is my style? I guess you could say that I have fluid blend of photographic styles, from traditional to contemporary, classic to photojournalistic.

What does that really mean...

It means I LOVE beauty and I LOVE art... I am always looking for the perfect light, the perfect angle, the perfect setting, the perfect mood, if I have to lay on the ground or climb a tree, I want THAT shot... I want to create art for you and I want to blow your mind! I want you to LOVE your works of art. I want to capture that split second of an unforgettable moment that will last a lifetime. I see the beauty in the small and big moments and I love telling a story... your story.

That being said, do I also take posed family photos? Yes I do, I absolutely want to capture every moment of this very important time in your life. I want to capture the smiling, the crying, the dancing, the drinking,the laughing, so that they will last a lifetime.

About Me

EST 2007


"Love is not what makes the world turn 'round... it is what makes the ride worthwhile."